When will our politicians realise that they are employees of the Australian People?

When will they do what they are employed to do?

When will they stop with the insults and rants and do something constructive?

Malcolm Tumble’s tirade in parliament yesterday was a waste of his breath and a waste of the money we pay him.

Politicians are employed by the Australian People to  manage this country to the best of their ability.

If what I am seeing from them is the best of their ability, then it is obvious that they have very limited ability and therefore should not be in the job.

If they performed as badly in private enterprise then they would be sacked.

Maybe we need an “Independent Performance Monitor” to rate them, and give them the boot if they are not up to scratch…..

Well, maybe not as we would have no government at all….



I just watched a doco on cane toads in WA as part of the Landline program on ABC. They seemed to think that the invasion wasn’t really that bad…  HUH!!!

Listen up guys,  as a Queenslander who sees these pests daily, GET RID OF THEM!!!!

And to all of those bloody ‘Do Gooders’ who want them euthanized in an ‘acceptable manner’, I say GET STUFFED!!!!  The only good cane toad is a DEAD cane toad, and I say use any method you can to kill the bastards.

If you see the little ‘baby toads’, hopping across your lawn, then STOMP on them, GRIND them into the ground. (maybe they will do some small value as fertiliser)

If you see a big one, then the nine iron (for golf fans) works well, or an old mattock handle, or a huge stick wielded accurately will dispose of them nicely….  Sometimes just stomping on a big one doesn’t kill them. I’ve seen them squished to about 3 mm thick, but these bastards puff up again after a while and go on their merry way, ready to kill out native wildlife….

As for catching them and putting them in the freezer, as our ‘do gooders’ suggest, then If those do gooders would like to supply me with a couple of huge chest freezers, then I might try. Unfortunately, my current  2 chest freezers wouldn’t hold enough….

One has to remember that these things are an ‘introduced’ pest, and have the ability to kill our native animals.

If you want to live in a land where the only wildlife is cane toads, then by all means, let them be.

If you want to live in a land with a diversity of native wildlife then KILL THE BLOODY CANE TOADS!!!!



Ol Im Pics ??

OK Ok Enough!!!!!!!

I am Sick to death of the bloody Olympics.

Who cares about a bunch of Australian  wannabees getting together in some foreign country to compete against other wannabees  to see who has the best time/distance/speed until the next gathering of wannabees……

When will people accept that we are all individuals, and as such, don’t need to compete with others to prove our worth?

Who gives a shit what some athlete did in Greece thousands of years ago?  Why do we still care?

To spend billions of dollars to imitate something that old, is a complete and utter waste of valuable resources, time, and effort, and to say it is “an international competition” is anything but the truth.  With the drugs scandals in all forms of sports, then it seems to indicate that the Olympics is a competition to see who can best  get away with their country’s  doping regime…

The advertising, wasted TV time,  and money spent, shows that drugs in sport is one hell of a big business…..




Heard it BEFORE !

Well, well, Malcolm Fullabull has reversed his stance on privatising Medicare after Labor got on his case with the comment :

“Medicare will never, ever, ever be privatised.”

“It is a core Government service.”

source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-06-18/medicare-will-never-be-privatised,-turnbull-says/7523242

Gee… I seem to remember a former Liberal Prime Monster saying something similar:

“Read my lips, there will never ever be a GST”

We all know how Little Johnny lied on that one…. It seems to run in Liberal (here read coalition) genes that they think that can say ‘never ever’, and then just go ahead and do it anyway…..

I guess they just misspelt their party name. It should have been ‘LIEberal’



“MALCOLM Turnbull today raised the prospect of the Federal Government abandoning public education funding as an extension of his proposal to give up income taxing powers to the states.

That could mean premiers having to raise an extra $6 billion a year from citizens to pay public education bills.

The Prime Minister said there was “a very powerful case” for giving state governments total responsibility for payments to state schools from income tax revenue, while the Commonwealth funded private education, such as Catholic schools.”
Source: news.com.au


Is this Prime Monster divesting the federal government of all of it’s responsibilities?

First he wants the states to collect their own income taxes, and now he wants them to pay for PUBLIC education.

In the current Budget year, the Commonwealth will spend $5.74 billion on state education and $9.9 billion on non-government schools.

The way it is going, I see that there will be no need for a federal government.  Most states already have roads departments, public transport departments, agriculture departments, etc.   The only things left for a “federal” control would be immigration, defence, medicare, and centrelink.

As for the idea of “Commonwealth funded private education, such as Catholic schools”,  I still fail to see why any “PRIVATE” school should get any funding by the taxpayer when they already charge exorbitant fees. The catholic church has more money than the whole of Australia, so why should they get any freebies?

I am a PRIVATE person. Do I get federal funding? NO!!! and neither should any other PRIVATE enterprise.

As for the states collecting income tax, they will have to set their own rates, employ staff, implement computerised systems all at huge costs to them. (and most likely, the taxpayer!!!)  Businesses that employ staff will have to deal with two tax collectors, state and federal, adding to their financial costs as tax collectors for the government (GST anyone?)

This all points to a “Non Need” for a federal government !

We could still have an Australian Defence Force, funded by the states, as well as Centrelink and Medicare…. But they would be administered by a group of state representatives.

Goodbye Malcolm and your trough feeding cronies. You are no longer needed, and the savings we would have in not paying your wages and perks and huge super, could fund the required state infrastructure many times over.

The only downside that I could foresee would be competition between the states. i.e. W.A. needs more money for a project so the lower their income tax rate to attract more people to live there…. NSW sees their population moving to WA and lowers theirs to attract them back….  Then the “Property Moguls” would have a residence in each state and change their address to suit…  Either way, the multi nationals who pay little or no tax would still manage to get around the system.

Ho hum….


End of democracy in OZ?

“After a 28-hour sitting which saw insults, fart gags, and pyjamas in Parliament House, both houses finally pass voting reforms aimed at making it harder for crossbenchers to get elected.”
Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-18/senate-electoral-reform-laws-passed/7258212

I always thought that in a democracy, anyone could get elected, by the vote of the people.

It appears that the current government in Australia, (liberal/national coalition) don’t want us to have a democracy any more.  I seem to remember that the liberal party once didn’t get enough votes to be even considered a party, so they “merged” with the nats…  NOW, they don’t want smaller parties to have a chance?????

Some of the so called “micro party” members have held the government to account, and that is what a democracy is about.  To see the incumbent government FORCE the sitting until the changes are passed, appears to be the desperate move of a dying party, scared that they might not be able to force their will on their EMPLOYERS. (remember that? Politicians are the employees of the Australian People!!!)

HOW DARE THEY dictate to us how we will vote !!!!!

Ideas Boom?

So Malcolm Fullabull is giving 1 BILLION dollars to promote an “Ideas Boom”

Well, Malcolm, I’ve got a great idea!

Why don’t politicians all take a course on how to remember who employs them.

Politicians are PUBLIC SERVANTS.

Servant meaning “A person working in the service of another”

PLEASE remember that you are employees of the Australian People, and as such are expected to do your job to the utmost of your ability.

You were chosen to administer our funds for the betterment of your employers, i.e. The Australian People.

You were NOT employed to rack up huge expense accounts, nor were you employed to act like little dictators.

Some of you may think (and go on the media to tell us) that the “age of entitlement” is over. Would you care to explain how that comment only seems to apply to your employers and not to yourselves?

When will you finally remember who pays your wages (and your little “entitlement” scams)?

Well, as one of your Employers, let me tell you this:

Your Employers will not stand for the following:


Making false promises to become employed.

Making false claims for “entitlements”

Failing to remember just who is the captain (captain’s calls?). – WE ARE !!!

Mismanagement of OUR funds.

Failing to represent your Employers to your best ability.


With regards to the last item in the above list, it is glaringly apparent that most of you fail in this area.

So, with all that in mind, your Employers DEMAND that you lift your game.

Being an employee of the Australian People requires truthfullness, morality, ability, and a desire for the betterment of your Employers.

If you can’t adhere to those requirements, then you should resign so we can select someone more capable.

Tony Who? (again)

As with the previous post, another certain  EX PM is getting an extraordinary amount of press coverage.

TONY THE FORGOTTEN is doing the rounds of the radio stations and wasting our listening time by saying how good he was and how he would have won the next election…..  HUH ???

Tony, you got replaced by your peers. They obviously thought, as did most Australians, that you were an embarrassment to this fine country.  There is NO WAY that you would have won the next election, even if you gave every Australian voter a thousand dollars…..

YOU may think that voters are stupid, but we aren’t !!!   Any idiot in power who reinstates Knights and Dames, and then knights Phil the Greek, deserves the disgust of the voters, and a foot up the arse from his party.

Oh, that’s what happened isn’t it?…..

Most people who make a MAJOR stuffup of their job, shrink away and stay out of the limelight.

Only egotistical MORONS keep patting their own back (when no one else will)  and you sir, are just that!!!

So please TONY, put on your budgie smugglers and swim out from shore….. Perhaps a shark might take you and all of Australia can rejoice……   But then again, most sharks would be more discerning with their menu….

SO !!!


STFU !!!!!

Can of Do Do again…..

“THAT’S the last press conference I’ll ever have to do… that’s the last time I’ll ever have to talk to that pack of bastards”.
(source: Brisbane times, commenting on a section of a new book)

This was a comment from EX  Qld. premier Campbell Newman….

Well,  Mr EX,  the public also thought that that was the last time we had to endure your smirking face and negative, belittling attitude.

Unfortunately, you, as well as many other EX people of power, have failed to SHUT UP.

Please be advised: You are no longer of relevance. You are finished as a public figure. You are a “has been”.  You are BORING!

So,…..  shut the f—ck up and let us get on with our lives, even if you can’t…..


Where to now?

So Malcolm Fullabull  is the new PM.  (note: PM also stands for piece meal, as in NBN)

If his performance in his old job is any indication, I fear for the future.

New Warships will have oars,  soldiers will be armed with slingshots,  schools will  be supplied with an abacus, foreign affairs would mean a quickie in a Bankok brothel,  Cabinet would mean a drinks cupboard, Social Services would mean organising a square dance, Industry would be pushed to adopt steam power and Health would only employ witch doctors.

Maybe I’m wrong….

Maybe he will appoint someone competent to his old job of communications monster, er minister.

Maybe he will drive Australia to the top of the world ladder in finance, communications, agriculture and health,

Maybe I’m dreaming…..


Oh, and am I sorry that Tony the tosser missed out on his $600,000 pension by just 4 days?

NOPE !!!

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